Complete Fleet Trucking Management Tracker With Drivers Excel Spreadsheet Platform Download

Manage your trucking fleet fully automated with Google sheets and will populate information automatically from each driver assigned to your fleet.



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Best Trucking Fleet Management Spreadsheet Tracker for your Business with Drivers


Manage your trucking fleet from anywhere using Google sheets. Easy design and extremely simple to manage the drivers in full detail. Working from home or at the office, you will have 3 master Google sheets with 28 different extra spreadsheets (tabs) That will speak to one another automatically and instantly updating and reflecting your current revenue and expenses for your business. Sheet 1 is the “Main Business Page”, Sheet 2 is the “Trucking Business Reports”, Sheet 3 is the “Driver Main Trucking Page”. All spreadsheets are designed to work with Google sheets online-only, It’s free using your Gmail account!

You will have 10 years of reports with up to 4 owners per year managing 80 drivers per year! After 10 years, simply start over with your new revenue to continue another 10 years! All for free after this purchase.

Main Trucking Business Page

Complete Fleet Trucking Management MAIN 2Fully automated main trucking business page that will be connected and will populate information automatically from each driver assigned to your fleet and or any business expense that may occur. In this spreadsheet, all expenses including salaries of all driver and owner/members, truck purchases, insurance, office, legal expenses, truck maintenance, devices, and more will be populated automatically from your “Trucking Business Report”. Giving you complete control and knowledge that you can visually see in a chart and numbers. Compare 10 years side by side year after year your income and expenses neatly displayed at your fingertips in real-time.

Trucking Business Report

Complete Fleet Trucking Management

This trucking business yearly report will be the most used by your company. Here you will have automated information from all your drivers in your fleet with their expenses neatly stored underneath all your owners/members assigned to your company. You will control business expenses, fixed expenses, account deposits, Account withdraws, account transfers, payroll for your drivers and your owners/member’s salaries, plus a master sheet of all warehouses from all drivers all into one. This will give you great information that you can sort through and make better choices. See bank accounts grow and compare drivers side by side managed by the owners you choose. See who is bringing in more revenue into your trucking business and where you’re spending the most money. In this report, you are allowed to have four owners with 20 drivers per owner that’s 80 drivers in your fleet for the year. This can easily be copied and reattached year after year for a lifetime of tracking your income and expenses for your trucking business.

Driver Main Trucking Page

Complete Fleet Trucking Management DRIVER MAIN PAGE 2Our driver’s main trucking platform spreadsheet tracker for excel is designed to track your driver’s miles, tolls, fuel cost, load rate and so much more. Giving your trucking business the edge it needs to succeed. Easy to use weekly pay-stubs for every month of the year design to clearly input all of the above plus destination information like warehouse name, location, phone, loading time and unloading time was taken at location, weight and more. This will be stored to calculate and find the best shippers to work with. All of this information will apply to a single driver in your fleet that will automatically speak and populate into your “Trucking Business Report” & Your “Main Trucking Business page” Keeping track of all expenses and salaries due to this driver. This Driver Main Page can easily be copied and re-attached to multiply drivers working under you or under other owners. Keeping track has never been easier and viewed in a beautiful design into your trucking business spreadsheets.


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